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Does Farm Post take a commission?
No, Farm Post does not have any commission on listings. Our goal is to provide an affordable buy, sell, and trade site for all things agricultural.
Does Farm Post have a contact phone number?

Although Farm Post doesn’t have a contact number there are other ways to get in touch with us. Simply select the drop down menu and click “contact us”. Alternatively Farm Post does have an email address ( This is the best way to get in touch with us for any questions, queries, or concerns that you may have.

Is Farm Post New Zealand owned?
Yes, Farm Post is 100% New Zealand owned and operated.
What is “My Yard”?
“My Yard” is effectively your shopping cart where you can add your selected favourite listings. To add a listing to “My Yard” simply click on the listing and select the “add to My Yard”. Now that this listing is added to “My Yard” you will be able to access the listing from your Farm Post profile.
Can I advertise job vacancies on Farm Post?
Yes, you can advertise all your job vacancies on Farm Post. If you are wanting to list a job vacancy, simply go to “list an item” and select the add type “Job”. You can also use this option to search for positions that are available. This is great forum for employers and or job seekers.