3/4 Depth Hoffman Beehive Frames with Manuka Special wax foundation fitted. x 40


**40 x 3/4 Depth Hoffman Frames with Manuka Special beeswax foundation fitted.**

These frames are ready to put straight into your beehive honey supers.
176mm high with 35mm end bars. Fit 9 – 10 frames per super.
Top bar is 480mm long.
The bottom bar is 448mm long.

Made from Russian Pine timber which is very dense and durable.
The top bars have staples through the sides as well as the top to keep them very secure.
There are 3 horizontal stainless steel wires to support the beeswax foundation.
The end bars are fitted with brass eyelets so that the wire maintains the correct tension.
The full size sheets of beeswax foundation are embedded to the 3 support wires as well as the grooves in the top and the bottom bars.

Manuka Special beeswax foundation is the thickest grade you can get. The bees will often draw it out quicker because they can use some of the wax provided to build the cells. This allows them to store more honey instead of having to use it to make the wax.
Manuka honey is thixotropic so is harder to extract. The Manuka Special wax foundation is stronger than the other grades to help to withstand the rigours of honey extraction.

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