3 furrow Moulder Hoe Ridger


3-point linkage cat. I and II- pins
Adjustable rows spacing from 625m to 675mm
Steel support wheels
Hoe unit parts – hoe and duck foot
Ridger parts – wing blade
Requires 30HP +
Weight 105 Kg

Width 1720mm(beam 1.6m wide)

Hoe ridgers are multifunctional cultivation machines to use for the Potato and other root crops planted in ridges. It can also be used on the vegetable, strawberry and maize plants. Hoe ridges can also be applied for weeding, row scarifying and aeration and ridging of rows with plants of height up to 60 cm.

View Video : https://youtu.be/qiQlCZfAQDk

North Island,Auckland

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