5 x High Quality 3/4 depth Beehive Boxes. Std Grade


5 x Flat-packed Russian Pine 3/4 Depth Boxes
125 x Stainless Steel Screws to suit. M3 x 38mm.

Ready to be assembled and dipped or painted.
Each piece of timber has pre-drilled 3mm diameter screw holes.
6 on the end plates and 4 on the side plates.

The Super / Brood Box is made from Russian Pine timber. Russian Pine is very slow growing so the growth rings are close together to make a denser and more stable material for beehives. These boxes are excellent quality and have rounded outer edges on the end plates.
This box is standard grade and may have one or two tight knots.
We also have Premium Grade available. (No knots).

Timber thickness of the box is 20mm.
Approximate internal dimensions of the box: 365mm x 465mm x 185mm high.

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