Bale Feeder Unwinder – Euro hitch + 3 Point linkage mount


New to New Zealand this innovative attachment can lift and transport round hay bales to your desired location ready for unrolling. The unique design means this one attachment can be fitted to either euro hitch front end loader or a Category 2 3 point linkage, you could even fit one to the front and one to the back letting you carry 2 bales at a time.

1000 KG capacity
Weight 200KG

The hydraulic drive of the bale unwinder gives you complete control of hay distribution using the hydraulic 2-way rotation to start and stop feeding rotation when needed.

Being able to control the feed rate and also stop in an instant means minimise waste by distributing a single bale over multiple areas

When fitted to a euro hitch front end loader it can be easily used to reach over and feed out over a fence.

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North Island,Auckland

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