Bee Swarm Collector ***Ready to Go*** Package 10


Beehive all made up and ready to go and catch swarms!
Made from high quality Technosetbee equipment designed to last.

The bottom box has 10 frames with wax foundation fitted. The top box is empty so that there is room to drop the swarm in. The entry guards are fitted in the closed position. The queen excluder is fitted directly above the floor with the entry blocker inserted. The latch kits keep each layer very securely fastened.

Remove the roof and feeder and position the hive under a swarm. Gently shake the swarm off the branch into the empty box and quickly fit the top feeder and roof, then latch it up. The hive is then very secure and 100% bee proof. It can be shifted in a car or truck with out the worry of bees escaping. The vented floor and vented roof allow good ventilation so they don’t smother and die.
Locate the hive at the desired location and switch the entry guards to the open position. The bees will happily take up residence in the new hive and start drawing the new comb foundation. Very occasionally the bees will decide to leave the hive to find a new location. The queen will not be able to get through the excluder and the bees will immediately return to the hive. It is best to go back 2 days later, remove the top box and give them a feed of sugar syrup so that they draw the comb out very fast. If the queen has started laying eggs, the excluder can be removed.

The swarm collector includes:-

– Anti-Varroa Vented Floor
– Reversible Entry Guards
– 2 x Full Depth Brood Box. Colours will vary according to stock availability.
– 10 x Full Depth Russian Pine Frames with Medium Brood Wax Foundation fitted.
– 4L Top Feeder
– Vented Roof
– 3 x Latch Kits
– 1 x Queen Excluder with top entry and landing board.

See the box colour options in the attached photo. Please state your preferred first and second choices.

Made from food-grade Polypropylene with high UV protection and are fully compatible with most wooden beehive products in NZ.

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