Beeswax Wraps – Cheese Bag


Replace that plastic cling film with something more sustainable.

A perfectly sized bag to fit a 1kg block of cheese with room to fold and seal. An excellent gift for cheese lovers.

Size: 27cm x 20cm

We found that especially the block cheese lasts the longest when leaving the cheese in the packaging that it comes in and combine it with the cheese bag.

Ingredients: 100% cotton, pure beeswax, pine rosin and almond oil.

– They can be shaped easily around items by using the warmth of your hands
– Don’t cover food or items when they are hot
– Wraps can be rinsed off or washed with mild cold soapy water and left to dry, do not scrub
– Avoid putting the wrap into the oven, microwave or dishwasher, this will melt off the ingredients and leave you with a mess

We are a Christchurch, New Zealand based beeswax wrap business who are trying to make the environment a little greener each day. With the urge to reduce household waste and plastic use, we came up with the idea to make eco-friendly handmade beeswax wraps, made with local New Zealand resources. We have available: Multi-Packs, Sandwich Bags and Cheese Bags.

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