Biocalf Plus 1.5kg


BIOCALF™ PLUS is an oral electrolyte-energy supportive treatment that is recommended to supplement or replace milk feeds for calves. It replaces lost electrolytes and fluids, corrects acidosis and supplements energy needs that may be deficient due to nutritional imbalance or dehydrated calves. It includes prebiotic, Bio-Mos™ and probiotic ImmuBoost®, non-antibiotics that restore and/or maintain natural intestinal flora and gelling agent Guar gum to slow the rate of intestinal passage, providing more opportunity for increased uptake of electrolytes, energy and water. Can be used for calves stressed due to transportation or feed changes, as a supportive treatment for diarrhoea (scours) and in the convalescence stage of diarrhoea.

BIOCALF™ PLUS provides energy and replaces electrolytes to reverse dehydration and treat acidosis in calves.

High energy content using a combination of Dextrose and Lactose

Broad combination of electrolytes for complex fluid losses and correcting acidosis

Contains Guar gum, a gelling agent to slow fluid losses

Contains ImmuBoost, a probiotic to maintain natural intestinal flora

Contains Bio Mos a prebiotic to depress the proliferation of pathogenic bacteria

Available in 1.5kg, 3kg, 15kg containers or individual sachets in boxes of 10, 30, or a 20 litre bucket of 115 sachets

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