Bison NB80-240 80 HP 8ft Grader blade with hydraulics


NB80 series Bison 8′ Rear Blade With Hydraulic Angle & Tilt Positioning, Manual Offset Positioning

Includes The Following:

Hydraulic Cylinders, Hoses For Angle & Tilt Position.
Mechanical Links For Manual Offset Positioning.
Heavy Duty Parking Stand.
Blade Ships Partially Disassembled.

Suitable For Tractors Up To 80 HP.
This is a VERY Conservative Rating by the manufacturer.
Quick Hitch Compatible, Clevis Style Category 2, 3-Point Hitch.
3-1/4″ Diameter King Pin!
Moldboard Height is 19″ Tall x 1/4″ Thick.
6″ x 1/2″ Reversible Cutting Edge.

3-Way Adjustments are as follows:
Angle Adjustment, Hydraulic Is 45° Left or Right.
Tilt Adjustment, Hydraulic Is 21° Up or Down.
Offset Adjustment, Manual Is Up To 30″ Left or Right.
Moldboard is Reversible.

Blade Weighs 420KG

North Island,Auckland

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