Collingwood, 0 Quartz Range Road NN23648


The Stables – Run Off Block, Dry Stock, or Bees
… escape from the rest of the world??
This bare land Block on Quartz Range Road is fondly known by the owners and locals as “The Stables” as at one time in history this area was the stables for the working horses being used in the local gold mining. Now in the modern era the property is taking care of the young and wintered stock from a local dairy farm, but the future potential uses are endless, and this is the number one attraction of the property.
There is 180 ha approx. total with 116 ha approx. in grass, the remaining land is in native bush. With good fencing and water a lot of the hard work is done, but the property still has scope for improvements if the next owner desires, so it is now up to you to do what you would like with the land, options would be to continue on as a run off block, maybe run dry stock on the productive pasture, add in some bee hives for extra income, and there are plenty of house sites with views out to the Kahurangi National Park.
Being just down the road from Collingwood ensures access to schools, supermarket and cafes but at the same time being in the vicinity of the National Park and Heaphy Track gives a sense of being in the wilderness. For further information contact Toby or Sharyn.

Collingwood, 0 Quartz Range Road ,NN23648,Collingwood

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