Concrete mixer 360L for Skidsteer/Excavator/Euro Hitch


C&F BMX350P Concrete mixer bucket with Skidsteer loading hitch , and with accessory plates can be fitted to Excavator or Eurohitch front end loader.

This has a 360L mixing capacity and includes the delivery hose for chuting the concrete out the bottom of the bucket

You can pour the mix two different ways using either the hydraulically controlled gate in the floor of the bucket which gives accurate placement via a tube of all the concrete concrete in the bucket or you can just tip the mix right out the front of the bucket when precise placement is not needed.

The safety grill on the front of the bucket has a integrated cement bag opener , you just throw the bag on the grill and it splits the bag down the middle making emptying the bag a quick hassle free task.

The mixer bucket requires a 3rd service from your loader valve to run, It has a solenoid valve built in to switch between mixing function and opening of the tube unloading gate hydraulically.

It can also be used for carrying ready mix concrete from a truck to places where only your machine will go and because you can mix as you go the concrete wont set up from vibration like it would in a normal bucket.

This is a top quality bucket made from high wear resistant steel and mixing helix from Hardox 400 steel.

Width 1600mm
Empty Weight 410 KG
Loaded Working Weight 1360 KG
Max Oil Flow 75L
Max Pressure 200 MPA

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North Island,Auckland

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