Deluxe Beekeeper Starter Package


This is the complete package that will help make the start of your beekeeping journey very comfortable

This package includes:
1 x Smoker
2 x Hive Tools
1 x Pair of Gumboots
1 x Technoset Bee Brush
1 x 3 layer Ventilated bee suit
1 x 230 volt Electric Uncapping Knife
1 x Double layer stainless steel honey sieve
1 x Manual 2 frame honey extractor
2 x pairs of long Ventilated leather bee gloves
1 x ‘Practical Beekeeping in NZ’ Book
1 x Beehive Package 16 which includes:
– Technoset roof
– 3 sets of latches
– 4 litre Technoset Top Feeder
– Technoset Vented Floor with reversible entry guards
– 20 Frames with Beeswax Foundation fitted
– 2 Plastic Insulated Technoset Full Depth Brood Boxes

All you need after buying this, is some bees!

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