Disc Ridger Single bed former


Disc Ridger consists of heavy duty tubular box frame, hitch system and discs. It is used for making irrigation banks or garden beds of up to 500 – 600 mm height and 600 – 800 mm width for effective control of flood irrigation or bunds of the size and shape to match crop and soil conditions. The Discs are adjustable along the frame to vary bund width and height. The disc angle is adjustable also.

Cat 2 pin

High quality boron steel disc with 48-52 HRC hardness.

Size and depth of the ridge can be adjusted.

26″/660mm discs

Max width between ridges 1000mm

Ridge height 330mm

Weight 224 KG

Suit 50-65 HP tractor

Garden bedder, Bund maker, Bed Former.

View Video : https://youtu.be/E8w7JotSBrc

North Island,Auckland

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