Dosing Pump (Mix Rite TF10-002)



■ Works at a low flow rate
■ Easy to field maintenance
■ Highly chemical resistant
■ Good blending
■ Highly resistant to UV damage
■ Easy to install
■ No electricity needed
■ Easy to adjust the dosing rate
■ Replaceable seals

The Mixrite Proportion dosing pump is perfect for accurate injection into any pressure water lines. Simple to operate and perfect for livestock, dosing chemicals and in horticulture application.

This unit has simple installation and requires no power or water meter. MixRite is the most simple injector to use. Less maintenance is required and no technician is needed for changing spare parts.

The injection rate is set up manually by rotating the sleeve at the bottom to the desired proportion. The amount of injected concentrate is
proportional to the amount of water flowing into the MixRite pump.

TF10 m3/h
Flow Rate 50 – 10,000 Litres
TF10-002 0.2 – 2.0% Ratio
Pressure 1 – 8 bar
Coupling 1.5” BSP

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