Flail Mulching Head for Excavator TLBE-70


The TLBE-70 Mulching head is perfect for mowing grass and shredding shrubs and branches generally up to 40mm DIA, in those hard to reach locations It can be fitted to excavators weighing from 2 to 4 tons.

It has a 6mm thick cowl, 8mm thick side plates, Rotor diameter 108mm 8mm wall thickness,

Cutting capacity 40mm,

With Group 2 KM 2025 Hydraulic motor with will run on 30-45 litres oil flow requirement, 210 bar

Optional Flow regulators are available to maintain the correct output from your machine to the mower

Metal front flaps and rear rubber guard,

Weight 180 KG

Cutting width 740 mm

Over all width 850mm

7 Hammer FLails

2 Belt Drive.

Price does not include hoses and hitch but we can supply these to your requirements.

North Island,Auckland

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