Flail Mulching mower 1.5m with side shift


Hanmey 1.55m Heavy duty flail mower now with manual side shift adjustment
1520mm Wide cut
24 Mulching Hammer flails
3 belt drive
Adjustable rear roller and skids
Adjustable Rear opening panel for high out put of grass and ease of maintenance
High power 50 HP Gearbox
INCLUDES PTO SHAFT with shear bolt

Weight 370 KG

Suitable size for tractors 27-45 HP

These mowers use heavy duty cast hammer flails and perform extremely well in long grass and rough areas mulching grass, sticks etc as it cuts while still leaving a top notch cut on lawn grass.

Made by Hanmey in China and assembled in NZ by us, This is a QUALITY mower with a well proven design and a high standard of build and construction. We assemble these in NZ and do a through pre delivery procedure on each one The Hanmey mower is superior to all we have experienced in its price range. The important quality differences on the Hanmey product such as:

Deck and components CNC laser cut giving superior quality control with perfect alignment maximising life span of bearings belts etc.

– Electronically balanced rotor shaft resulting in smooth operation without vibration

– 4mm Deck, 6mm Sides,8mm skids, 10mm steel used for 3 point linkage

– Zinc plated 8.8 grade bolts and nylock nuts

– Adjustable offset linkage so you can get closer to fence lines or trees or centralise

– Thick durable quality powder coating and zinc plated skids and belt cover.

– Purpose built gearbox with built in overun clutch and lifting eye.

Now with 18 MONTH WARRANTY backed up with a full range of spares in stock

View Video : https://youtu.be/lbP4rBcWFUA

North Island,Auckland

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