Gear Drive orchard Mower 2.4m


Working width 2.4m
Blades – 8 rotating on 2 blade carriers, 2 static blades
Cutting height adjustable from 30-150mm

Weight 460 KG
Power required 40 HP+
Max pruning size 40mm
Overall dimensions
2550mm wide
1940mm deep
1050mm high

Mower-shredder (two blade rotor)This mower is designed for use with tractors of class 60-90 HP. The drive is transmitted through the PTO shaft of the tractor via a gearbox to each blade carrier . Mower-shredder is ideal for use in orchards, and fields. The machine grinds the grass, agricultural crop residues, straw, branches (for ø40mm ), bushes etc . The particulate material remains on the ground as an organic fertiliser.The mower has an adjustable cutting height 30 mm and above . The possibility of obtaining higher cutting height allows topping and debris crushing plant crops. The machine can not work in areas with a large amount of stones. Unique twin mulching blades on the end of each blade carrier pass a counter blade mounted on the inner body so it will chop branches and residue into small particles before it can escape out the back of the mower.

North Island,Auckland

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