Iris IOP-1000 Multi Spreader Towable Trailer


Single disc Tow able Multi Spreader for Compact tractor, Stainless Steel Hopper, Shutter plates, spinner, disc and vanes
Pulls behind tractor on its own trailer and is PTO powered.

Spreads various Materials Such as organic compost, lime, gypsum, granular fert, salt, wood chip etc
Spinner PTO powered
Agitator PTO powered
Feeding PTO powered

Single Axle

Hopper Capacity 917L

Nominal Capacity 1000Kg

Spreading width COMPOST 3-6m

Spreading width GRANULAR 8-12 M

Spreading Discs 1

Weight 430KG

Length 2295mm

Heights 1550mm ( from ground to top of hopper when sitting on its wheels)

Width 1000mm

Optional side dressing attachment for orchard work shown in some photos

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North Island,Auckland

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