Making Data into Useful Information


Turning data into information, then knowledge
In todays busy world, we find we are swamped with data.
Data as defined in the Cambridge English Dictionary:
‘information, especially facts or numbers, collected to be examined and considered and used to help decision-making, or information in an electronic form that can be stored and used by a computer’
Data by itself really tells you very little, and is often presented in a way that is frightening to try making sense of
If you are having trouble converting your data into information, we can help.
• One on One remote training
• Setting up your system
• Short instructive videos that are task related
• We can offer, help you set up your systems, including Excel, Access, Power BI, or GIS.
We can arrange a time to suit you.
Call and discuss your needs in gaining better information, to allow more knowledgeable decisions to be made.

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