Menasor 260 Heavy flail mower


The heavy duty menasor series flail mowers are designed and built to provide excellent cutting performance and gently sloping or contoured land.
Ideal for grass pulverisation, field greening, mulching for bushes. All models can be equipped with forged Hammer flails which make them well suited to for horticultural and agricultural applications where heavy grass, brush, pruning, saplings, small stumps, corns stubble and other row crop debris.
Overall width 2840mm
Overall depth 1200mm
Overall heights 1180mm
Cutting width 2400mm
offset 1010mm left of centre 1620 right of centre
offset 1430mm left of centre 1200mm right of centre.
Hydraulic Side shift.
Rotor speed 2250 RPM
Rotor Diameter 168mm ,
Flail tip diameter 450mm
speed 53 M/S
Gearbox 75 HP
Hammer flails 20pcs
PTO speed 540RPM
CAT 2 Linkage
5 Belts
Weight 770KG
Suit 75-110 HP

North Island,Auckland

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