Mulching Mower for Excavator TLBE-S 100 with flow regulator


The TLBE-S100 with flow regulator , an excavator mounted shredding head is perfect for cutting/ mulching grass, undergrowth, shrubs and sapliings generally up to 70-100mm, It can be matched to excavators weighing from 5-15 tonnes.

Over All width 1150mm Cutting width 1040mm
Weight 310 KG
Requires 55 LPM and is fitted with a Flow Regulator valve is to provide constant stable flow with excavators with higher hydrualic output.
280 BAR/ 4060PSI

Standard equipment:

CE precaution
Toothed hammers
Rear safety guard in rubber
Front chain guard
Adjustable position headstock
7 Heavy duty toothed hammers
Zinc plated safety chains and rear rubber
Powder coated
Adjustable rear roller with scraper
Group 3 Italian Casappa Hydrualic motor
3 Drive belts

Spares available.
1 year warranty
Built with an 8mm thick cowl and 8mm side plates, Rotor diameter 140mm, 10mm wall thickness, cutting capacity Genrally 70mm

Price Does not include hoses and hitch, but can supply if needed.

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North Island,Auckland

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