New 3 Storey Beehive. 3/4 Depth Package 422. With Plastic frames READY FOR BEES.


This complete beehive package is ready for bees and includes the following:

– Technosetbee Anti-Varroa Vented Floor
– Technosetbee Standard Entry Guards
– Technosetbee Ultra Top Feeder. 5.1 litre
– Technosetbee Vented Roof
– 3 x 3/4 Depth Russian Pine Brood Box. Assembled with 20 stainless steel screws. Will need painting.
– 30 x 3/4 Depth Plastic Frames. Beeswax coated. 33mm end bars.
– Queen Excluder with top entry and landing board
– Heavy Duty Emlock Strap

The Technosetbee floors are very strong and have a grill base that is 14% open to air flow. Excellent for allowing Varroa drop. It has 4 locator studs to stop boxes from sliding sideways.

The entry guards prevent Mice and Bumblebees entering and help control wasps. They can be clicked down to lock the bees in while shifting. Simply click back up to open. Can be easily removed during the honey flow to allow maximum air circulation in hot weather.
The Russian Pine boxes are excellent quality and come with rounded outer edges.

The Ultra Top Feeder has a lip around the outer edge to locate over wooden boxes. It consists of two feeders. The outer feeder holds 4 litres of syrup and the inner feeder 1.1 litres. The inner feeder has only small entries to the feeder gallery to restrict the quantity of syrup taken per day. Some beekeepers use the inner feeder for feeding syrup with additives because it is easy to remove and clean. There is a 15mm recess under the inner feeder to feed small pollen patties. To feed large pollen patties, remove the inner feeder, add the pattie direct over the frames and fit the supplied lid over the pollen pattie to prevent bees getting into the syrup feeder and drowning.
The feeder has small air vents at each end. They line up with small vents in the roof. This is excellent for getting rid of moist air in the hive.
The feeder includes a top entry designed for winter conditions and where snow can block the bottom entrance. Click shut in summer.

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