Novaquip Single tine Ripper Pipe layer Large


The NSR020 is the big brother to the smaller NSR010 Novaquip Ripper. The NSR020 features a heavy duty fixed shank and larger pipe laying attachment, this can handle those bigger jobs on the farm.

Great for sub-soiling, draining, breaking up compacted soil or installing your water pipes and cables.
The single tine ripper comes with a pipe layer attachment for laying irrigation pipe or cable, making it an easy process. The NSR020 pipe layer takes up to 70mm OD pipe in its 90 mm ID feeder tube.
This unit has CAT 2 pins and is suitable for tractors 50-90HP

The ripper shank has a replaceable and reversible cutting edge and the leading edge of the leg is sharpened to a point., a strong gusseted and reinforced steel framing for longer life. This ripper will reach a depth of approximately 670mm. The ripper also has removable and adjustable parking stands to make it easy to connect and remove from your tractor.

North Island,Auckland

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