Organic Magic Commercial Strength 20 Litre


Organic Magic is manufactured in our Dunedin plant from Otago ocean fish.
We use an anerobic digestor to process the fish by-product creating an organic liquid that has no additives and is ready to spray on anything from pasture to vegetables or fruit trees.
Plant health is improved and many animal benefits such as increased growth of deer velvet, and good weight gain in sheep have been reported to us.
Recommended application of 20 litres per hectare per year is recommended and up to 500:1 ratio for other spraying applications make it economic to use.
Price is for 20 litres but is negotiable for larger quantities – we can also supply in 200 or 1,000 litres.
We are also based in Auckland and can freight North Island 20 litre for around $10 [not rural]
Also available in smaller sizes down to 500ml as a test for your vege garden to see results.

21 greenstone Place Fernhill,9300,South Island,Queenstown