PTO Fertiliser Spreader 1300 L Stainless Steel


Cosmo REX1250 PTO Fertiliser Spreader 1300L/ 1200 KG capacity
This spreader is the top of the line made by the largest fertiliser spreader manufacturer in the world, COSMO Italy
This will hold 1 tonne of Urea

FULL Stainless Steel Hopper, spreading discs and metering plates.

Hydraulic control

Squared hopper model with two spreading discs equipped with three fins. Suitable for professional users, high precision over wide areas.
This specific model is produced with stainless steel and resistant long-life parts.

STANDARD EQUIPMENT: Stainless steel hopper, fins and discs/stainless steel bolts and nuts and rear shield
/two-position lower hitch double pins
hopper grid /
PTO shaft with limitator
hydraulic opening

also includes PVC cover!

Spreading width 18m

Minimum 50 HP required

Weight 200Kg

North Island,Auckland

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