PTO Fertiliser Spreader 530 L


The KS530P Fertiliser Spreader from Iris is one of the best designed easiest to use spreaders available.

With the low and wide Hopper loading is easy and the centre of gravity is kept low Ideal for hills.

The hopper is made from durable rustproof polyethylene and is fitted with a pvc cover to keep the wind and water out and your fertilizer dry

It has a large 530L capacity

Spreading width 8-18M

Spreading angle can be adjusted LEFT / RIGHT / Full width 180º spreading.

Manual Adjustment of fertiliser flow with an adjustable lever( can be made longer/ shorter so can be reached more easily)

Transmission gearbox in stamped steel with high resistance gears

The spreading vanes and disc are made of stainless steel

Weight 129 KG
Length 1440mm
Height 1100mm
Width 1310mm

Power, PTO, Shaft included

Category 1 and Category 2 pin options

Other options available, side dressing unit, Electric remote control for adjustment from the tractor cab.

North Island,Auckland

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