PTO Fertiliser Spreader PL500


COSMO PL500 MODEL PTO fertiliser Spreader made in Italy

Features a single piece heavy duty PVC hopper with tube frame

500L / 450KG capacity

Spinner Disc: Stainless steel spinner plate with 4 fins

Gearbox: Single speed 540rpm 1:1 ratio

PTO Shaft: Series 2 (21hp/16kw), triangular profile tube with safety covers

Finish: Premium quality agricultural enamel with epoxy varnish

Linkage/Mounting: Fixed category 1, bolt on pin

Discharge: Side drop onto spinner fins for even distribution

Spreading Width: Granular – 12 – 14m (39 – 46ft) / Powder – 6 – 7m (20 – 23ft)

Comes with PVC cover for hopper

This unit is assembled in NZ by us and is SHIPPED FULLY ASSEMBLED.

North Island,Auckland

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