Queen Cage Frame for Varroa control.



For efficient Varroa Mite control in beehives when using Oxalic Acid for treatment.
For full depth brood boxes. 3/4 depth versions also available.

Oxalic acid treatments do not kill any mites that are inside capped brood cells. There is now a very efficient and effective solution!
Lock the queen in this cage to create a brood break period. Treat the hive with Oxalic Acid while there is no capped brood and achieve a very high Varroa kill rate.
Oxalic acid can be applied by vaporization, fogging or by the dribble method.
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Due to its large size the bees don’t feel queenless and are less likely to build queen cells. It has queen excluder sides so that nurse bees can still enter the cage and care for the queen.
There is a large opening under the top cap to release the bees when required. Only 25mm wide at the top and will fit in a standard brood box along with 10 frames with 33mm end bars. The main body of the frame is only 16mm wide so as not to interfere with brood emerging alongside.
The bottom edge is curved to match the typical shape of the winter cluster.

There are many other applications.
In warmer locations, the queen can be locked up over winter to stop her laying eggs to conserve stores and to stop the Varroa mites from breeding.
Can also be used to “bank” an extra queen over winter when running 2 queen colonies and the bees are already familiar with 2 queens in the hive.
The top bar is 480mm long. Cage height is 228mm.
Top quality product made in Europe from food grade polypropylene.
Stock supplied may be a different colour to what is shown in the photos.

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