Rippers For compact tractor


I have had a lot of people ask over the years for a set of rippers small enough to use on a lifestyle block with a compact tractor.

I have designed these in a size thats not too big and heavy or expensive so about they are right for a range of small tractors 16-35 HP.

Ideal for breaking up the ground for landscaping duties, planting or improve soggy or compacted pasture, use prior to rotary tilling or excavation to break hard soils.

The ripper is 1.2m wide over all, with 4 tines at 370mm spacings with 5 positions which allows for use with even spacing using 3 tines at 565mm spacings. They can rip down to a maximum depth of 300mm

They are category 1 pinned, with clevis mounts for strength and ease of use, they also feature 3 sets of lower hitch pin holes at different heights to give some adjustment so they can be used on tractors with low uplift. They also have a parking stand so it easy to take them on and off. These are a really well made unit and excellent value for money

North Island,Auckland

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