Rotex M130 Power Harrow with Seeder and roller


Del Morino, Rotex M130 Power harrow, with level bar, roller and grass seeder (seed box), Is an all in one machine to prep and seed ground, Ideal for the landscape industry

Del Morino are known for quality Italian engineering and have been building farm machinery since 1875 !!.
The Del Morino Rotex power harrows finely break up the soil and distributing it evenly to create perfect seed beds ready for grass.
The Rotex M130 features a Cast iron gearbox Blade gear driven in oil bath
Two blades per rotor
Self adjusting side protection skids
Mounted rear leveling blade to provided a leveled off surface for the roller and seeder to work with.
PTO shaft,

Complete with screen roller, leveling bar, and Seeder
2 year warranty

Tractor HP: 15-45
Cat 1 Linkage
Width: 132cm
Maximum Depth: 19cm
Blades: 12
PTO: 540rpm
Weight: 230kg( weight excludes roller and seeder,)

North Island,Auckland

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