Sierra Box Blade 5ft


Sierra box blades are great tool for landscaping, land levelling, back filling trenches, preparing for turf, track/driveway grading and many other applications

They are the easiest and fastest to use implement for tidying up rutted gravel driveways as they carry the material with them and fill in the ruts and holes as you go, No more wastage by losing all the metal over the edge of your road way and into the drain!

5ft width is ideal for the smaller size tractors 20-45HP

Sierra Box blade features:

Height adjustable (and removable) scarifying rippers to break up the ground or any humps or bumps in front of them, they rip down to 110mm depth bellow the blade this make the blade cut in to hard ground easier.

2 x reversible curved profile cutting edges (one forward facing and one rearward so it can be used to push or pull material) These are mounted on mold board at rear of the box and do a great job to smooth out the ground once its been scarified

Gussested bracing and extra heavy duty side plates.

Clevis style linkage pins for superior strength and ease of connection with your tractor and with dual category pin lets you fit to different size tractors.

Also designed to be quick hitch compatible.

Sierra box blades are easy to use and take some skill and the hassle out of grading and leveling that’s associated with regular grader blades.

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North Island,Auckland

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