Sierra STC235 Rotary Hoe 2.35m


Sierra STC235 Rotary hoe for medium to large tractors, heavy farm/market garden use-age
Ideal for use preparing the ground after plowing, or the breaking up of established grassland, direct preparation without plowing

Working width 2.35m
Total Width 2.48m
Working depth 270mm
Suit 60-120 HP
Blades 60 Pcs
Weight 780 KG
Input Speed 540 PTO gearbox
Rotor revolutions 540 rpm PTO (4s): 175-214-262-143

PTO shaft with slip clutch
Side gear drive in oil bath3 heavy duty gear drives running in a sealed oil unit to give constant lubrication during work and to ensure high performance even in prolonged and hard soil tillage.
Category 2 3 point linkage
Offset bar mounting points
Side gear drive in oil bath
6 blades per flange (side blades are always mounted inwards)
Tail board with spring adjusters
adjustable skids
Side bearings with oil bath lubrication

North Island,Auckland

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