TECHNOSETBEE 2 storey Beehive. (No bees or frames)


This Package includes:
• Roof
• Top 4 litre feeder. (Fits inside roof)
• 2 Full Depth Brood Boxes
• Vented Floor – with standard entry guards
• 3 pairs of latches to keep secure.

You will require 20 full depth frames for this hive. The usual Langstroth full depth frames sold in NZ will fit nicely.

Brood box colours will vary. Colour options usually available are Blue, White, Yellow and Green.

• Very strong and secure. 13mm dowels locate all the beehive layers.
• Excellent thermal performance. Provides a healthy environment all year round.
• Improved overwintering.
• Faster Spring Build-up.
• Cooler Temperatures in Summer.
• Increased Honey Production.
• Technosetbee products are fully compatible with most wooden beehive products in New Zealand.
• Superior strength and a 30 year design life.
• Ready to use. Save heaps on labour costs. No assembly, paint or preservatives are required. They won’t rot, warp or split.
• Attractive colour options. Helps to prevent drifting.
• The roof and feeders incorporate air vents. Beehives produce heat and so condensation can form in humid weather conditions. It is important that the damp air can exit the hive.
• Varroa Optimised Design. Any Varroa Mites that drop to the bottom will fall through the grid and die.
• Easy for beginners to use and an excellent investment for commercial beekeepers who enjoy efficiency and innovation.
• Fantastic value for money! If you divide the purchase price of Technosetbee products into the number of years of life expectancy, the price per year is typically far less than wooden components. And you can enjoy all the features and benefits!
• 10 year warranty.

Examples of the feedback we get:-
Mate – I will never own a wooden hive after having yours. The bees love it and the plastic is not impacted by the weather as wooden hives are. Regards, Mark. (Sent by email: 12-04-2016)
Excellent service and lots of helpful advice. (Sent: 4-02-2016)

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