Technosetbee 3-Frame Vertical Queen Excluder


Reduce the queen’s laying area to 3 full depth frames. The two parts clip together and are 3mm thick. The vertical part fits neatly into the grooves of a Technosetbee full depth brood box.

A fantastic tool for Queen breeders. Use the excluder to cover 3 empty brood frames. Lock the queen in for one day only, then remove her to the other side of the excluder. The exact age of the larvae is then known at grafting time and the exact day that the queens will emerge from the queen cells.

An additional 3-Frame Excluder can be fitted to the other side of the brood box. Three queens can be overwintered in some areas. It is highly recommended to use the top 4 litre feeder. Special separate entrances can be supplied to remove any risk of a queen going into one of the other enclosures via the entrance. Call us for more information.

This excluder can also be used to control brood production in a big honey flow.
They can be fitted into full depth wooden brood boxes if 4 pairs of screws are fitted at each end to locate it. The floor needs to have a riser that is 20mm high. A block needs to be fitted at the front to stop the queen from going around the excluder to the other part of the beehive.

Manufactured from high quality food grade polypropylene.
Weight: 0.35 Kg
Made in Europe.

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