Technosetbee Queen Cage x 10


This Auction is for 10 x Queen cages.

Watch video to see it live. Copy into web browser:-

They have four great features:-

Capture: The perfect clamp (like tongs with soft rounded edges) to safely scoop up a good number of attendant bees directly from the frame.

Transport: Spacious and well ventilated, the cages can be latched together to form blocks for mailing.

Introduce: Thin enough to slide between the frames. Equipped with two chambers. One for candy (or Pascall Marsh Mallows!) and one for a water sponge. There are also two break-out bars. The cage can also be placed over top of the frames in the brood box with the vents facing down between two frames. So far we have had 100% success doing this. No need to remove a frame of brood when inserting a cage.

Slide lock: Locks the cage shut and covers the opening to insert the queen. The opening can also be used to remove unwanted attendent bees before placing the cage into a bee hive.

Manufactured from high quality food grade polypropylene.
Weight: 20 grams.
Made in Europe.

No extra freight charges if you buy more than one pack of ten.

GST invoice will be issued.
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