Wax Dipped Full Depth Beehive Box & 33mm Frames. Completely ready to go.(RTG)


***Completely RTG (ready to go) Full depth Russian Pine Box & Full Depth Hoffman Frames with 33mm end bars**

Package 221

The Super and Frames are made from Russian Pine timber. Russian Pine is very slow growing so the growth rings are close together to make a denser and more stable material for beehives.These boxes are excellent quality and have rounded outer edges on the front and back plates.
This box is standard grade and may have one or two tight knots. We also have Premium Grade available. (No knots).

The box has been assembled with 24 stainless steel screws then dipped in hot Microcrystalline for 9 to 10 minutes to preserve the timber for a long life outside.
Microcrystalline is similar to Paraffin Wax but is a higher quality and has a melting point of 80 degrees. Paraffin Wax has been commonly used for beehive boxes but it will melt at 60 degrees and can leach out of the timber boxes on a hot summer day. This will leave them susceptible to rotting!
Timber thickness of the box is 20mm.
Approximate internal dimensions of the box: 365mm x 465mm x 240mm high.

The Russian Pine frames are assembled with sheets of Medium Brood 212 Beeswax Foundation fitted.
The top bars have staples through the sides as well as the top to keep them very secure.
There are 4 horizontal stainless steel wires to support the beeswax foundation.
The end bars are fitted with brass eyelets so that the wire maintains the correct tension.
The full size sheets of beeswax foundation are embedded to the 4 support wires as well as the grooves in the top and the bottom bars.

This listing is for:-

1 x Russian Pine Full Depth Box. Standard grade. Wax Dipped
10 x Full Depth Hoffman Frames with 33mm end bars.
MB 212 beeswax foundation fitted to each frame.

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